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Inscape Publishing has developed customized Everything DiSC personality profiles and course series to prepare leaders, manager, sales specialists and other employees for their specific occupational requirements and job roles:

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1 - 12 of 22 items

Everything DiSC is Inscape's latest generation of workplace personality profile and business training courses. Leader, manager and employee personalities are characterized on the basis of four behavioral profile factors (Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness: D-i-S-C for short). Training executives, managers and employees to understand their own DiSC test assessments -- and those of their co-workers -- can significantly improve productivity, workplace communications and employee relations.

The new profiles and courses build on the success of the DiSC Classic series of classroom and online profile evaluations and profile-based courses for individual employees, leaders, management and sales personnel. Everything DiSC's test methodology and behavior model provide more options and freedom for answering the multiple choice questions; and these are graded on a 5 point Likert Scale. The improved personality profile model and test process avoids requiring the participant to make the 'least incorrect' answer, and provides more insight into participants' job-related personality factors that affect workplace behavior.

The Everything DiSC profile-based business training series from Inscape Publishing enables leaders, managers and employees to identify and understand their own job-related personalities and behavioral styles, as well as those of workplace colleagues. Each product series (Work of Leaders, 363 for Leaders, Management, Sales and Workplace) includes an Everything DiSC Profile (online or paper) for course participants and a Facilitation Kit (disk or paper) for a group training instructor.

Additional Inscape training tools and reports (Coaching Supplement, Comparison Report, Facilitator Report, Group Culture Report, Interaction Guides, Style Guides) and motivational products (posters, mugs and pens) are available to assist in planning the test, DiSC personality assessments and comparisons among workgroup participants.

Inscape Publishing online products are available from TPOYC via Inscape’s EPIC online training system which enables organizations to purchase and manage their own web-based DiSC profiles and courses. Call TPOYC at (972) 442-9000 to have an EPIC account set up for your organization.